UI Challenges

I recently decided to take part in the Daily UI Challenges to learn and improve my skills in Adobe XD, Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch, and InVision.


User Profile

While designing the user profile, I wanted to keep everything very simple yet visually appealing. 

I have narrowed down with the information to be displayed on the user profile by showing only name, designation, location, website, and email.  

404 Error Page

I wanted to use the same character with the same color scheme as used in the User Profile creation. 



Rotten Tomatoes is one of the top movie critic website on the net. The visual concept below is developed to target two kinds of users

1. Users looking for ratings (Tomatometer)

2. Users looking for new to watch


The Homepage cover displays opening Movies and Top TV Shows.

I have kept the Summary and ratings so the user can see this information through a horizontal scroll that adds user experience and keeps the user engaged and reduces the bounce rate.

Users who want to know more about the movie can click “More Info” and users who want to read the “Reviews” for the movie can click the reviews.


Tomatometer is the most trustworthy rating system and many users follow it. 

Tomatometer is simply and clearly shown in three navigational tabs. It separates users from viewing Movies, DVD & Streaming and TV Shows.  Now Viewers can see ratings according to their needs.

Simple background modules provide a clean modern background to the data. Increases contrast and ensure the data can be seen/read easily.

 “What’s the Tomatometer?” is clearly highlighted for the new visitors.


I have given a horizontal scroll so the user can quickly browse all the Certified fresh picks on the homepage only.

The horizontal scroll adds user experience and keeps the user engaged and reduces the bounce rate.

This helps in keeping the homepage neat and minimalistic.


I have removed the news from the Cover image and made a separate section at the bottom of the homepage as we do not want to ruin the user experience for the users who visit the website only for ratings and new movies. 

The News & Features section has a horizontal scroll that keeps the user on the homepage and reduces the bounce rate.


This app is for the casual plant owner.  I love having plants but struggle with taking care of them.  I just needed something simple that told me how often to water a specific plant, how much sunlight it needs/placement, and a reminder feature.

The idea is that the user would input into the app what kinds of plants they have and each plant would have its own page where the user can easily flip through all of the plants they own.

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