Santa Monica Parks & Recreation

Santa Monica Parks and Rec’s goal is to enhance the overall wellbeing of Santa Monica residents and their visitors. Located in neighborhoods throughout the city, the 32 parks are popular gathering spaces for all ages. They work with the community to create and operate beautiful, accessible public spaces and facilities for all to enjoy.

User Experience, User Interface

Team: Kanchan Gaur, Tim Lin, Madison Albers, Nick

Platform: Mobile Site

Duration: 2 Weeks

Project Scope

The City of Santa Monica created a separate portal site to direct its activity registration and facility reservation processes. Its external goal is to create a connected community environment, but ultimately, the portal was created to drive sign-ups and reservations for profit.

The City of Santa Monica is constantly receiving feedback on its mobile experience and the complications attached. It finally approached our team to find a solution to simplify the activity registration and facility reservation process through mobile.

The Branding

We created Branding and Style Guide document so we can have a clear consistent branded content that helps communicate a consistent message to our users. We wanted to find a font that is accessible to users to set some parameters, so we wanted something friendly, geometrically simple and popular. We did our research and chose Proxima Nova for its familiarity to make the site look more trustworthy and safe.

With pink as a driving force in this salmon tone, this primary site color is able to convey health and happiness. On the other hand, the secondary blue teal tone provides a dependable presence. As these are two commanding colors, it is important to simplify the rest of the site colors for users to easily identify different components. As an added bonus, this color scheme plays up the Santa Monica environment and its sunset.



The groundwork on which everything is built: the brand. We began by drawing out a lot of rough ideas and used those to narrow down to a concept that is best suited for the vision of the site


My illustration process began with sketches and rough concepts. Once the drafts were finalized, I vectorized them.


Steps to Responsive

We went with 8 point padding on this project. This allowed for versatility in adding or removing space as needed. Once the bulk of the work is done, we found ways to make the website responsive without losing the integrity of the design.


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