Marketplace Health is a data analytical web tool used by data scientists, decision makers and engineers at Lyft to understand and measure trends of a business.


The current tool had many limitations in terms of usage, hence there was an urgent need for a redesign and implement new features that were needed by the potential users.


The process that we followed for health was completely different from all the other projects that I have ever worked on. I was very lucky to have the most amazing engineers who knew exactly what they wanted in terms of updating new features. So I was provided with a document with requirements for each feature.

I would pick a feature and take less than a week to come up with potential solutions and designs, that would be discussed and implemented by these engineers within couple of days and by the time I started working on the next feature, the previous designs were seen live on the tool which I thought was super cool.

This is how the tool looked like when I first got started...



I would create rough ideas and share it with my colleague to get initial feedback. Once we finalized the direction we want to go ahead in, I would start wireframing the designs. At this point, I would share the designs with the engineers to get their feedback and thoughts.

I would then go ahead and apply UI to the designs and deliver with proper annotations and prototypes.



Lyft did not support a design system for data tools. So, I would have to create new data components that were similar to the existing LPL design system.

This was a bit time consuming but the components that I designed were later contributed to the data design system ;)

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