By building and integrating a feedback collector tool on the Clutch site, the team wants to provide a convenient way for both the team to collect and for users to provide customer feedback on Clutch.


Currently the team does not have a formalized process or automated way for collecting feedback when a user visits Clutch/uses a Clutch workflow.

In the past, The team sent email/Slack blasts and individually interviewed users. However, with 23 active Clutch workflows and 100s of unique users weekly, these methods aren’t efficient for capturing enough feedback in order to understand how users rate Clutch/specific workflows.

Potential Solutions

Build an API that returns feedback questions to display to the user. By being server-driven, this will allow for adding survey management techniques in future iterations, such as how often we prompt the user for feedback.

Build an API that creates a feedback submission and saves it to the database in a designated table for feedback.

Build a feedback component in the Clutch Header where users can submit feedback anytime they want.

Build a feedback component that is integrated in the last step of a workflow’s Wizard step so that users can rate that specific Clutch workflow.


Keeping consistency with rest of the visual styles, I designed 2 types of feedback collectors. One namely for the header and other on the last step of the workflow wizard.

I added subtle animations to make it interesting and fun for the users to provide feedback.


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