Dash Dashboard

A workflow of Clutch - an open-source web application for developers by Lyft


Dash is a dashboard that was designed with a concept that - The engineer would be greeted with a configurable overview of the list of “projects” that are important to them, with each tile displaying contextually relevant and configurable information about the project such as health, alarms, and security posture.


The goal of a Clutch Dashboard is not to be information dense, but rather selectively and contextually curate views of the information that is most important to the user of that view.



After immense brainstorming and design variations, we were able to come up with a MVP design for dash. The initial design consisted of the project selector, timeline and informative cards.

Test & reiterate

Me along with my User experience buddy Nicholas, conducted 30 min usability interviews with service owners and engineers across different teams. Dash Usability Interview Readout

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