Hi, I'm Kanchan Gaur!

A visual designer at heart with experience in Visual Communication, Design Research, and User Experience Design. My approach towards the design of a brand, product, service, or experience is to give as much importance to how people engage with it, as to how it looks.

I enjoy crafting visual experiences, designing and conducting research, and collaborating with people from different disciplines.

From my experiences, I have learned and grown to observe, understand, collaborate, empathize and think on my feet for new strategies. This iterative process of coming up with strategies based on the user has stuck with me today and remains a core part of my work ethic.

I am currently a Product Designer at The Glue. I have worked for clients like Lyft, Cisco, Los Angeles Animal Services, City of West Hollywood, Los Angeles Metro, Metropia and more.

Some other fun facts about me -When I'm not working you can find me doodling on my iPad - IG Link. I enjoy swimming every day.

UI Challenge 02 - 404 Page
UI Challenge User Profile
What do you see when you look yourself in the mirror?
Social Media Assets for AfroTech Conference 2019 @ Blavity Inc
Illustration for ColorBlast Films
Illustration for ColorBlast Films
Illustrations for ColorBlast Films
Girl Skiing
Girl Cycling
Yoga Girl
Poster Design for AfroTech Conference 2019
Fashion E-Commerce Mobile app
Weedilicious Goddess Illustration
Custom designs for blog and social media presence

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